Sorry but due to Coronavirus I will unfortunately not be exhibiting at any Fairs this year due to having to shied due to health issues, however, if you want to commission a picture either full size or a miniature, a Norfolk Cottage Dolls House or anything else, just ring me and I'll have it finished within a couple of weeks. The impossible may take a little longer!
To all my customers and friends stay safe.
My full size and miniature paintings are on exhibition at Tylmans of Stone Gallery  2A Granville Square Stone Staffordshire ST15 8AB - wildlife paintings and miniatures cabinets always on exhibition.
I am happy to undertake any commissions for  any subject bth full size or miniature, from pet portraits  to wildlife, either for the dolls house or your mantlepiece. Perspex stands or mini display easels also available. 

Commissions also undertaken for a miniature genuine antique map of your home area.  Gift Vouchers available. Ring me on 01782796088. 07984836984 or email or